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Country and Wine Test for the New Bressanini Boaties

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First step in the new sample Quayside/Bressanini  boaties was straight into something soft and it wasn’t mud,  Merde in English was on my lips.
The samples for the Bressanini (ladies) and Quayside (men’s ) arrived Friday afternoon, we were going to visit our daughter in the country for the weekend. Not you would think the ideal test for boat shoes , but hey, they should be able to multitask.
So after a dunk in water and a light scrub, the right shoe was christened.

Well all I can say they survived chasing the sheep, walking the dogs roaming the paddocks, (eyes focused downwards).

They absolutely excelled in the sundowners, made a statement in the local. Who wears Red shoes in the pub…

So we can say they survived if not excelled in the Country wine and social test, so much so that we already have some pre orders from the pub patrons..(for red shoes).
Who said I cant sell...

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